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My name is Rshmi K Kumar, I am living in United States since 17 years. I have a strong background in Science with work experience in Research & Development department after my Masters in Computer Science. After certifications in Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, I now work as Astro Vastu Specialist.

In my early childhood, I got a chance to learn basics of astrology from a well reputed astrologer. However in 2016, I got reintroduced to Vastu & Astrology and since then it has changed my life. I feel blessed, to be able to help the community and do what I love. My inquisitiveness and passion for learning the subject in depth helped me learn Vastu, Astrology, Lal Kitab, Mediation, Intuitive Dowsing, Numerology and doing my own research in merging these different branches of occult sciences.

After getting amazing results for myself , I started my own venture to help the community to achieve their goals. Proudly helped more than 150 clients.

RKK ZENITH MANTRAA – Mantraa to fulfill your dreams

I love what I do and I believe when the time comes our paths will cross.

Enjoy your life journey, Wish your all the best!!!


Rshmi K Kumar

Astro Vastu Specialist

Founder / CEO of RKK Zenith Mantraa

+1(551) 276 2355