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Astrology + Karma and Balance Sheets

Astrology + Karma and Balance Sheets

As everyone is now in mode of getting their W2s/annual payslips and starting new account books for this year, I would like to point out a great similarity between the yearly account books and our horoscope/natal chart.

What is horoscope and how to use it?

#Horoscope is our this life's balance sheet with #Karmic Credit & Debts that we are born with.

When we are doing accounts, we look back at our previous year and see what are new Assets, Liabilities, debts, income, mortgages etc are and then based on that we plan out our this year, make goals and try our best to achieve our targets.

Similarly, when we are born on a certain date, time and place we come with our previous life balance sheet that's our horoscope ( shapshot of the planets when a person is born)

Use this powerful tool i.e. horoscope to understand what good or bad deeds we did in our past life (or lives) and how we will have to pay back or get benefited in this life. The situations are destined to happen based on our planetary positions however the REACTION TO THOSE SITUATION decide if we have cleared the karmic debt accounts or we have created more DEBTS or CREDITS for this or next life. AS WE ARE THE PRODUCT OF OUR ACTIONS

KARMA = Newton's third law - Every action has equal and opposite reaction.

Meaning if your hard earned money is blocked with someone or someone had cheated you, that is because you might have done the same with them and they are here to just clear your karmic debt. Now to get back the money simple charity kind of remedies with right INTEND can get you back what you have lost. Thus karma plays a big role.

So good karma will give you good horoscope/balance sheet for next life and can even FIX YOUR HOROSCOPE for this life and bad karma will make sure you keep suffering till you accept the situation, apologize for the bad deeds and do no further harm.

When you are in any situation, use your horoscope as a tool to get the remedies to remove your karmic debts.

Now what are these karmic remedies?

These remedies are purely based on the problem you are facing & doing CHARITY/Donation to a CERTAIN CAUSE BASED ON YOUR HOROSCOPE or help the needy with those items. however, while doing charity the intend plays a MAJOR ROLE, as charity done with only right intend clears the karmic debt,

Simple Golden rule
FORGIVE/Let go who hurt you thinking they did this because of your previous karmic debt and
Be GRATEFUL to everything you have achieved so far as this is your karmic reward.

TIP OF THE MONTH: Kids who are younger than 18 years old should always take their Mother's blessing before EXAMS to get good grades.

Rshmi K Kumar
Astro Vastu Specialist
Owner of Zenith Mantraa
+1 (551) 276 2355