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Five Element Theory

Five Element Theory

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Every object living or non-living is made of the 5 elements namely Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space.
Like human body is made of 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire and the rest 6% is Space.

Similarly, Your house is also divided into 5 elements based on the direction.
#North part is Water element
#East part is Air/Wood element
#South part is Fire element
#Southwest is Earth element
#West is Space element

Let’s understand what does each element represent.

Water represents #flow#emotions#Immunity, clarity of thoughts

Air/Wood represents #growth#happiness#success#social connections and analytical thinking.

Fire represents #zeal#fame#action on thought, #recognition#money and #strength

Earth represents #stability: continuity, #bonding#bodyweight#power in speech, #skills

Space represents #expansion: gains, wealth, sense of direction and transformation.

These 5 elements follow a pattern as one element supports another element while it can destroy other element.
Water helps to grow Wood/Air.
Wood helps to make Fire
Fire converts into Earth(ashes)
Earth when dig we get metal/Space
Space when it rains coverts into water.
However, water will destroy fire or metal can cut/destroy the wood and so on.

Thus, when the 5 elements are in complete balance state in your body, in a house or in any object it maintains the state of #bliss or completeness

Your house you live in is a BLUE PRINT of your subconscious mind. You buy/rent a house based on your thought, then you decorate the house based on what comes to your mind. Your thoughts and house are very closely interlinked. Looking at any house it can be determined what kind of problems an individual living in that house might be facing.

Power of our subconscious mind:

Nature of your thought depends on your surrounding and past experience and previous memories that were embedded.

Getting the right thought/idea at the right time and acting on that thought can bring in a biggest change.

The object/activity placement in your house especially in the North East direction governs the state of your mind.

****#TipofTheDay: Keep the North East of your house clean, clear of clutter and keep it organized. Avoid using shades of red in North East. You will find yourself clear of ideas and goals.

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