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Medical Astrology

Medical Astrology

Medicine and astrology have a close link between them. Astrological chart/ Horoscope/Natal chart is based on the snapshot of planets taken at the date, time and place of your birth, gives a detail description on what kind of #diseases or health problems a person is likely to face in their life time.

Each planet governs a set of a person's body part. Thus if a certain planet is not well placed in your natal chart, problems related to that planet will be seen.

Sun governs the bones or calcium etc, so when sun is not well placed then bone related problems will be see.

Moon governs the mind so when not well placed person can feel depressed (depression)

Mars governs the blood so when not well placed can cause blood pressure issues.

Jupiter governs the oxygen in ones body so when a person has breathing problems like Asthma etc then Jupiter is not well placed.

Mercury governs the nerves in ones body so when person has paralysis then mercury is not well placed in the chart

and so on.

When a planet is not put to right use as per the natal chart the planet is bound to give problems. It is same as a hyper active kid in the house whose energy if not drained in sports or gym or some physical activity then the kid is bound to cause destruction in the house.

Similarly, you can channelize the negative energy of the planet so the planet is put to right use and will not cause major havoc in the life.

Can one remedy be same for 2 people?
Consider 2 people going to the same gym and doing the same exercise won't get the same result as their body composition is different.
Similarly 2 people with say a bad Mars can't have same remedy. The remedy is based on all planets and their behavior with each other and thus a personalized remedy is needed.

Tip: Avoid plants in South East of your home.

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