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Astrological Remedies


Gemstone Recommendations

Stones are one of the most powerful tools of astrology.Thus, choosing the right stone is very important.

$ 50+


Choose A Right Profession

Doing the profession which you are born to do will all ways give you eternal happiness. Choose a profession as per your stars for easy success.

$ 90+


Astrological Solutions

Do & Don't as per your Natal chart, Remedies to solve the current situation and solutions for a better life.

$ 180+



Business Numerology Package

Business name, business website name, tag line along with Personal Numerology

$ 450+


Numerology Packages

Name Rectification, choosing right email address and phone number to give you quicker success along with guidance for the current year calendar and daily tips.

$ 270+

Residential Vastu


Vastu Architecture

We work with the architect to design your new house according to Vastu.


$ 700+ (up to 2000 Sq ft)


Sell A Property

Expedite the sale of the property by balancing the energy.

$ 500+


Vastu Correction

Rectify the vastu imbalances in your home with simple modernized techniques without any demolitions and get the desired results.

$ 550+ (up to 2000 Sq ft)


Color For Home

Choose the right colors based on Vastu before renovating your home. If you are making changes in your restroom, make sure your stars support renovation at this time.

$ 240+ (up to 2000 Sq ft)


Select Dream Home

Floor Plan Analysis before buying a new Property. 95% of the houses can be corrected without demolition.

$ 125+