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At RKK Zenith Mantraa, we use Astrology as a tool to find an Individual's core strengths through their horoscope/natal chart. When an individual drifts away from their core strengths, they experience problems in their life.  We help an individual to reinstated and reconnect with their core strength to experience overall success, growth and happiness. Additionally,  We provide astrological solutions to put the negative aspects present in the horoscope to better use to manifest their desires.


At RKK Zenith Mantraa, we use Numerology to fine tune the identity of an individual with a resonating Name spelling, phone number, email address, Social Media Id, Company Name and More. As Name is like a radio signal, once tuned in with the right frequency that matches the person, the signal is clear. As our name is what stays with us for entire life, the name numerology plays a very important role for our success and wish fulfillment.


At RKK Zenith Mantraa, We analyze Individual's horoscope and eliminate the Vastu Doshas in their house with feasible solutions. Solutions based based on correcting the home design through color therapy and by relocating activities for overall success and happiness. Vastu means the dwelling in which one lives. Shastra is the science which explains how the earth energies work in a dwelling. A house is a blue print of the residents subconscious mind. Based on individual's horoscope, they choose and decorates the dwelling accordingly.  Horoscope helps us identify the core strengths and weakness of that individual and helps us decorate their personal space to manifest their desires.