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Astro Remedies are based on putting the negative planets in your horoscope to better use by doing simple low cost remedies. The problem can range from financial to family disturbance, may it be mental, physical or emotional.


Name is like a radio signal, once tuned in with the right frequency that matches the person, the signal is clear. As our name is what stays with us for entire life, the name numerology plays a very important role for our success and wish fulfillment.


Vastu means the dwelling in which one lives. Shastra is the science in which explains how the energies in this dwelling work. Your house is a blue print of your subconscious mind. Based on your horoscope and destiny you decorate our dwelling. Thus when there are hurdles or challenging situations in our life caused by certain planetary positions in transit, the same changes are seen in our dwelling. Thus rectifying the changes in the dwelling helps to overcome the situation.