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Food Habit Lifestyle

Our #LifeStyle, Our #Habits and Our #Diet. Sometimes the things we wear or the #food items we consume in our routine does more #harm to our body than good. Just because someone else got good result with a certain #diet or life style doesn’t mean that it will suit you. Example, one person brush his […]


Find Soul purpose of life through astrology!

How to find the “#SOUL” purpose of your life through #astrology based on your birth time. These are the areas of life which will give true happiness. A lot can be told based on the time of the day you are born in, here are few things that can give your true happiness (These are […]


How to fix GeoPathic Stress?

WHAT IS GEOPATHIC STRESS? #Geopathic #Stress( ‘Geo’ means Earth and ‘Pathic’ Means affect in specific way) is the study of earth energies and their effect on human well-being. Earth has a terrestrial #magnetic field with frequency of 7.89 Hz. When the frequency goes beyond 7.89Hz due to distortion under Earth’s surface due to water, sewage, […]


Vastu Shastra: Importance of North East Direction

WHY NORTH EAST OF THE HOUSE IS MOST IMPORTANT DIRECTION IN VASTU SHASTRA? #North_East of the house: Head position of #Vastu #Purush Mandal. Controls the #Mind,thoughts of the residences. Jupiter is the planet that represents North East. Six Inner Enemies of human mind: The 6 enemies(#shadripu) that are within us that disturbs our life/ Jeeva […]


Five Element Theory

#VastuBlog #FiveElementTheory #Vastu #subconciousMind. Every object living or non-living is made of the 5 elements namely Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Space.Like human body is made of 72% water, 12% earth, 6% air, 4% fire and the rest 6% is Space. Similarly, Your house is also divided into 5 elements based on the direction.#North part is Water element […]


How to find the direction of different activities inside house?

#vastu #vastushastra #directions #compass #astrology #planets How to find the direction of different activities inside house? Many clients are not sure about the direction of their kitchen or toilet and start calculating based on the sunrise direction etc Here are some basics of finding the direction accurately 1. Download any compass app on your phone2. Stand in the #center of the house3. […]


Medical Astrology

Medicine and astrology have a close link between them. Astrological chart/ Horoscope/Natal chart is based on the snapshot of planets taken at the date, time and place of your birth, gives a detail description on what kind of #diseases or health problems a person is likely to face in their life time. Each planet governs a […]


Astrology + Karma and Balance Sheets

As everyone is now in mode of getting their W2s/annual payslips and starting new account books for this year, I would like to point out a great similarity between the yearly account books and our horoscope/natal chart. What is horoscope and how to use it? #Horoscope is our this life’s balance sheet with #Karmic Credit & Debts that […]